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2014 Rosenbauer Commander Pumper

2014 Rosenbauer Commander Pumper 500-gallon water tank and 30-gallon foam tank with 1500 GPM pump, 1200 ft. of 5-inch supply line, two, 200 ft. pre-connected 1 ¾ “attack lines. 150 ft. pre-connected 3” attack line connected to a Blitz Fire Monitor and 200 ft. pre-connected 2 ½” attack line.


This engine is also equipped with a Hurst Tool, has a Thermal Imaging Camera and a five gas, MSA gas meter. It also carries an AED, first responder medical bag, pet rescue bag, 15 collapsible traffic cones and road flares and six traffic vests.


This engine also carries an additional 150 ft. 3” hose, 100 ft. of 2 ½” hose, 200 ft. of 1 ¾” hose and 300 ft. of 1” Forestry hose. Five complete NFPA compliant Fire Hawk SCBA, One older model Fire Hawk SCBA and 4 additional SCBA cylinders.


A deck gun master stream device, One 24 ft. ladder, a 14-ft. roof ladder and a 10 ft. Attic ladder as well as a 15 ft. Little Giant ladder. This apparatus has an on-board generator, and a 150-ft. retractable power cord reel, 2 extendable flood lights and 360 degree scene lights. There are also two Pelican portable lighting units.


It is also equipped with various hand tools.

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